[Openswan Users] AW: Openswan client with virtual IP - howto?

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ottawa.on.ca
Thu Apr 1 10:17:53 CEST 2004

>>>>> "Jacco" == Jacco de Leeuw <jacco2 at dds.nl> writes:
    Jacco> Andreas Kemper wrote:

    >> Assuming now the roadwarrior to run linux instead of windows, it
    >> also uses openswan. How could I configure a single machine to use
    >> a sender IP-address, different from its externally visible
    >> IP-address assigned by DHCP-over-IPsec? I don't wanna use any
    >> specific "windows-extensions", like L2TP-IPsec.

    Jacco> L2TP is not Windows specific. L2TP over IPsec is IETF
    Jacco> ratified, DHCP over IPsec is not (yet?).

  dhcp-over-ipsec is the product of the IPSRA WG.
  IKEv2 mandates ModeCfg, however.
  dhcp-over-ipsec has very poor scaling properties.

  L2TP is just a way for windows to avoid deprecating RAS.

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