[Openswan dev] NETKEY: modify MTU using function _iface_up()‏

Ted Victorio tvan5bee at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 26 15:37:11 EDT 2015

I have openswan 2.6.37(using NETKEY) on Ubuntu-12.04.2   I’m experimenting with various MTU sizes by adding MTU=valueto conn of ipsec.conf It seems the only place to modify MTU is at function_iface_up() of openswan-2.6.37/lib/libipsecconf/virtif.cLine 188:  ioctl(sock,SIOCSIFMTU, &req); Question 1: I put some fprintf(stderr,..) statements andfound that _iface_up() function is never called – is that correct? Question 2: However, if the _iface_up() function is called,then who calls it after MTU=value triggers from conn of ipsec.conf?  Appreciate the explanation. Ted 
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