[Openswan dev] [Swan] Hugh Daniel has passed away

Patrick Naubert patrickn at xelerance.com
Thu Jun 6 00:52:48 UTC 2013

Repost from Libreswan mailing list:

Hugh Daniel passed away on June 3rd after what appears to have been a heart 


Those who met him, know him. Principled to the core, and very present in
any room, he compelled people to listen to him - both by what he said,
and how loud he said it.

He has made many contributions during the early days of IPsec and
DNSSEC. He was a manager of the FreeS/WAN Project for many years and
co-founder of The Openswan Project and recently The Libreswan Project,
although his health prevented him from being as active and he wanted to
be in the last two years.

I met him for the first time at the CCC summer conference in 1999. Our
car had broken down, and everyone around me suggested to find Hugh Daniel
for help. He shone his freeswan photon light under the car, diagnosed
the problem, and put in a quick fix we could carefully drive to a repair
shop at 5km/h where we could tell the mechanic what to fix. We started
talking about Linux, crypto and he recruited me for the FreeS/WAN and
the goal to make the default mode of the internet encrypted. It is what
started me on IPsec, Opportunistic Encryption and DNS(SEC). In 2003,
he brought me to my first IETF in Vienna.

Hugh, you are still causing a difference and we will raise a non-aloholic
drink in your honour when we have reached the universal deployment
of encrypted communication for everything.

	"When you're NAT on the net, you're NOT on the net"  -- Hugh Daniel

Paul Wouters

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