[Openswan dev] What will happen with OpenSWAN

Patrick Naubert patrickn at xelerance.com
Thu Oct 4 18:24:41 EDT 2012

> Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2012 16:53:03 +0300
> From: Tuomo Soini <tis at foobar.fi>
> Subject: Re: [Openswan dev] What will happen with OpenSWAN

> Development has continued in private trees since we lost access to the
> web site and code repository. 

I have recently been made aware of the difficulties of Openswan developers to be able to push to the git.openswan.org repository.

We have repaired that ability at this time.  All developers that had the ability to push commits previously should be able to do so at this time.

Please point your git remotes to ssh://git@git.openswan.org/openswan.git and report back problems.


Patrick Naubert
Xelerance Corporation

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