[Openswan dev] My resignation of The Openswan Project

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Sun Dec 16 17:59:03 EST 2012

Dear Openswan Community,

One year ago, I reluctantly resigned from Xelerance Corporation, a
company I co-founded in 2003.  Shortly thereafter, it became clear
that Xelerance and I disagreed about a number of things, including who
or what should control the "Openswan" name.  Lawsuits were exchanged and,
after having been in litigation for almost a year, Xelerance and I settled
our claims against one another and severed our remaining business ties.

Openswan 2.6.38 was the last release for me as a member of The Openswan
Project and this message marks the end of my participation on the Openswan
email lists.  Xelerance now controls the Openswan domains and will manage
them as it sees fit.

I wish to thank everyone who assisted me by providing affidavits on behalf
of The Openswan Project.  I continue to develop free and opensource
software, and will continue to help people in their quest to use IPsec
to increase their security and protect their privacy. You will be able
to follow my activities via Twitter, my website and elsewhere.


Paul Wouters

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