[Openswan dev] Purpose of selector structure

SaRaVanAn saravanan.nagarajan87 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 07:48:44 EDT 2011

Hi all,
    Can anyone explain the purpose of this structure in xfrm.h?

struct xfrm_selector
    xfrm_address_t    daddr;
    xfrm_address_t    saddr;
    uint16_t    dport;
    uint16_t    dport_mask;
    uint16_t    sport;
    uint16_t    sport_mask;
    uint16_t    family;
    uint8_t        prefixlen_d;
    uint8_t        prefixlen_s;
    uint8_t        proto;
    int        ifindex;
    uid_t        user;

Saravanan N
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