[Openswan dev] Crash in ipsec_xmit_state_delete() - resolved

Holger Kummert kummert at nentec.de
Mon Feb 21 11:55:03 EST 2011

Am 21.02.2011 10:10, schrieb Holger Kummert:
> Am 21.02.2011 02:04, schrieb David McCullough:

>>>> Did anyone see this behavior before?
>>> Haven't seen that but the code is definately wrong IMO.
>>> Try the attached patch.
>> And then make the patch better with this one ;-)
> Thanks for your answer. I applied both patches but the result isn't that better.
> After sending two ping packets across the tunnel I get:
> ~# slab: double free detected in cache 'size-256', objp c590f060

> This looks similar to the crash I got before when I exchanged the free() and access
> functions to 'ixs'.

Well, the problem is now resolved after additionally upgrading ocf (essentially the files
crypto.c, cryptosoft.c and cryptodev.c) to the version ocf-linux-20110217.
No more crashes anymore.

Thanks for all your help!

Best regards,

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