[Openswan dev] pending phase2 handling

atong at TrustedCS.com atong at TrustedCS.com
Thu Feb 10 15:41:54 EST 2011

On Wed, Feb 09, 2011 at 05:08:06PM -0500, Paul Wouters wrote:
> On Wed, 9 Feb 2011, atong at TrustedCS.com wrote:
> >For our environment, our approach is to search the pending list for 
> >the connections host pair in add_pending() and not procede with the 
> >queuing if a phase2 request already exists.
> >
> >Any thoughts on this approach?
> That approach sounds right, though things are a little more 
> complicated when the acquires received are slightly different, but 
> meant for the same tunnel. Especially for tunnels with 
> Ideally, you match not on a hostpair, but on a connection.

We do have some cases in use.  I am checking the connection,
its isakmp_sa (which I dont think I need to .. but at the time I
did just to be safe).

> We have an outgoing request to the kernel people not to drown us in 
> those acquires, they should do the lookup and only send ones for 
> different tunnels, or at least rate limit them with exponential 
> backoff.

I'm not up to date on the kernel side, so this is from observation
only. It has a reasonable timeout for sending acquires; for example
it's not going to send multiple acquires for a tcp connection attempt.

> I'd be interested in seeing your patch though,

Just a cavaet this is a quick port+test to 2.6.x, from a 2.4.x build
which is much better tested.

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