[Openswan dev] [PATCH] Incorrect automatic route via ipsec0

Roel van Meer rolek at bokxing.nl
Tue Oct 26 02:23:18 EDT 2010

Harald Jenny writes:

> could we please make a list of test scenarios which lead to all these changes
> and do some testing before the new code gets into production? Namely I would
> suggest that Roel tests it with the advanced routing patch (maybe you have a
> chance to do this in a lab?),

Currently running 2.6.31-38-g74e3811-dirty from git with both of Bart's 
patches. Works fine here.



> Bart checks if Ubuntu 10.04 still plays nicely,
> Davids tests the IPv6 functionality and somebody with a ppp link may also check
> that this works ok (did I miss anything that this code is currently supposed to
> handle?).
> Kind regards
> Harald

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