[Openswan dev] Losing shared phase1

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Mon Oct 25 19:28:22 EDT 2010


I just noticed the following behaviour and wondered if this was bug or intent:

Image the following:

conn net1
conn net2
conn base

When you bring up these two tunnels, you will end up with 1 ISAKMP and 2 IPsec SA's.

Now when you do:

ipsec auto --down net1

then the phase1 and one of the phase2's will go away. You are left with one phase2
that has no phase1. If you would do:

ipsec auto --down net2

then no Delete/Notify ever makes it to the other end.

Question: Should we not keep the phase1 around on the first delete?

I guess this can be difficult to determine. Perhaps that's why it was not implemented?


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