[Openswan dev] /etc/init.d/setup gets installed again

David McCullough david_mccullough at mcafee.com
Mon Oct 11 08:42:06 EDT 2010

Jivin Tuomo Soini lays it down ...
> I don't get setup installed twice. I don't really understand the issue
> because I can't make it installing twice!

Looks like no one knows what is supposed to happen here ;-)

There are two "doinstall" targets.

For a normal program,  the "soinstall" target in programs/Makefile.program
gets run and installs the built progam.

For setup,  the programs/setup/Makefile provides it's own special "doinstall"
target to have rc.d/init.d and so on.

As far as I can tell,  the functionality we want is to only run the
"doinstall" target from the programs/setup/Makefile

I added the PROGRAM=setup and NOINSTALL=true, in commit
f4e3e5af7db6938fd6497a61e2f57d97e9620836 . This should build setup
at build time,  but use the local version of doinstall at install time.
As far as I can tell this matched the functionality that was there before,
since not sefining the PROGRAM target gave us that functionality.

There seems to have been some problem with that change,  and I am not sure
what is was,  but the NOINSTALL=true was removed in commit

If I could figure out what was wrong with
f4e3e5af7db6938fd6497a61e2f57d97e9620836 I think we can fix it.

I don't believe running both doinstall  targets is right,  and I am pretty
sure that is what we currently have.

Anything you can tell me about why 3044ef746f9ccb30264cc386897265b60b267d13
was needed would be appreciated :-)


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