[Openswan dev] wiki page for configs

David McCullough david_mccullough at mcafee.com
Wed Oct 6 08:27:16 EDT 2010

Jivin Harald Jenny lays it down ...
> Hi all,
> maybe a silly idea but how do you think about putting together a page with user
> created config examples like the one from Adam Crane posted on users? As far as
> I can tell this seems to be one of the greatest drawbacks for new users that we
> lack a central knowledge base... maybe we should also put up the manpages (or
> xml-files) on the webpage (preferable done automatically for the current active
> release). How do you think about this?

Providing there isn't something in place already,  both sound like good ideas.
Will that appear at openswan.org ?

To become a definitive source of info I think it needs to be hosted
on openswan.org,  a google for ipsec.conf gets me freeswan.org from 2001 ;-)


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