[Openswan dev] Openswan and Racoon interop issue in transport mode

Avesh Agarwal avagarwa at redhat.com
Wed Nov 17 10:45:14 EST 2010

On 11/17/2010 10:33 AM, Paul Wouters wrote:
> On Mon, 8 Nov 2010, Avesh Agarwal wrote:
>> This is related to redhat bz 646718, which is related to interop 
>> issue between Openswan and Racoon2 in transport mode. I have prepared 
>> a patch (attached) to address this issue. The patch has been tested 
>> by redhat QE. The patch specifically checks all received 
>> notifications to determine the presence of USE_TRANSPORT_MODE as 
>> there may be multiple notifications, and USE_TRANSPORT_MODE may be or 
>> may not be the first one. I would appreciate your review/feedback, 
>> and can rework the patch accordingly.
> Thanks Avesh. I merged it in.
> I looked at the IKEv2 RFC, and if we follow it properly, and take into 
> account
> our setting of type= then I guess we should really deny transport mode 
> when we
> receive USE_TRANSPORT_MODE but we have type=tunnel (the default). 
> Currently, we
> seem to always switch to what the initiator wanted. Do you see a 
> problem with
> me changing that?

> I will also have to takea closer look at the RFC to see what we should 
> do with
> NAT-T+Transmode mode in IKEv2. I think the best solution there might 
> also be
> to decline USE_TRANSPORT_MODE and remain in tunnel mode.
Hello Paul,

Thanks. Yes that is fine with me. As per RFC 4306:

"If the responder declines the request, the CHILD_SA will be established 
in tunnel mode."

My intention was not to decline. But yes I understand your point, so the 
change is fine with me.

Thanks and Regards
> Paul

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