[Openswan dev] KLIPS: Source IP of the L2TP packet (1701) in NATed environment

hiren joshi joshihirenn at gmail.com
Thu May 6 10:46:25 EDT 2010


This is related to L2TP in NATed environment (NAT_TRAVERSAL & TRANSPORT MODE).

New KLIPS (openswan-2.6.24/linux/net/ipsec/ipsec_rcv.c::ipsec_rcv_cleanup
 at line#1618)
overwrites source address with NATT-OA (and recalculates IP checksum).

As a result, decrypted packet (from ipsecX device) appears with
original IP of the L2TP client
as its  source IP. Ans so its reply packet is destined to the original
IP of the L2TP client.

However the eroute installed for the connection requires the NATed IP
as packet's destination.

x' (leftsubnet)  --- x (left) === y (NATbox) --- z (L2TP client)

eroute installed:
x'  -->  y   =>  y

packet's source - destination:
x' -> z

The packet gets dropped as it gets injected into the tunnel.

Old KLIPS (openswan-2.4.9/linux/net/ipsec/ipsec_rcv.c::ipsec_rcv_decap
 at line#868)
was using NATT-OA only to fix udp/tcp checksum. It was modifying the
source IP of the packet.

I don't have configurations and logs with me right now.
I don't know if I am the only one to observe this. I am running old
(2.4.9) pluto with new (2.6.24) KLIPS.
Request L2TP users to share their input on this.

Thanks for your time.

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