[Openswan dev] Using OpenSSL for encryption/decryption

Masashi Honma honma at ictec.co.jp
Thu Jun 3 21:33:45 EDT 2010


I am new to this list. If I am posting to incorrect list, please
redirect me to correct list.

I am planning to use hardware acceleration for encryption/decryption on
Openswan. I found OCF-Linux could be used. But I will not use it,
because it needs to be patched to Linux kernel.

The OpenSSL has hardware acceleration system (so called "engine"). As
far as I know, Openswan uses OpenSSL for not encryption/decryption but
certificates and hashes. So I will implement encryption/decryption with
OpenSSL. Is there any restriction of using OpenSSL ?

Masashi Honma.

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