[Openswan dev] problem with ASSERTION FAILED

David McCullough david_mccullough at mcafee.com
Thu Feb 4 22:11:55 EST 2010

Jivin Paul Wouters lays it down ...
> On Fri, 5 Feb 2010, David McCullough wrote:
> > You should be getting at least a log entry/file/line for any abort that
> > happens.
> I think what is happening is that we're getting "aborted" within the
> process of the abort/logging routines.

Not sure I follow,  you are crashing while trying to log the abort,
or crashing in the abort routines is hiding something ?

> This might have to do with errors in the crypto pluto helpers and
> signaling in threads.

Well the helpers could abort and pluto would not exit.  But then
I would have throught pluto would detect the dead helper and just start
another,  perhaps that is a the problem ?

> > This is a ulimit thing by any chance ?
> The issue is not so much no core file appearing, but the fact that no
> new pluto is spawned.

Ok,  which is what I would expect if a helper aborted/asserted I guess.
We may just need some smarts on helper death ?


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