[Openswan dev] build openswan from the source code

raymond zhao raymond.zhao.uboot at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 14:02:06 EST 2010

I am trying to build Openswan 2.4.12 from the source code. I know I need to
export KERNELSRC first. The Makefile uses this KERNELSRC to do at least two
1. It use it as a path to find the source code and patch them
2. It use it as a patch to find autoconf.h etc to figure out the kernel
Ok, then, I have a problem with it now. In my building system, I have to
build the kernel with O=$KERNEL_OUT_DIR, so the .config and autoconf.h etc.
are not in the source tree. If I set  KERNELSRC to kernel source, it can
patch but the build fail because it can not find the kernel configuration.
If I set KERNELSRC to O=$KERNEL_OUT_DIR, it can build. But I believe it did
not apply the patches.
Do you have a version which actually separates the  KERNELSRC? Or is there
any work around for this issue.

Thanks and best regard,

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