[Openswan dev] ocf debian

David McCullough david_mccullough at mcafee.com
Fri Dec 17 22:56:53 EST 2010

Jivin Harald Jenny lays it down ...
> > We could also try and have the initscripts look for OCF hardware and load the
> > right driver. Or just trust the user to specify this in ipsec.conf and load
> > it?
> Hmmm I slowly come to the conclusion that we might remove the cryptoapi and
> internal crypto code in favour of just OCF when this automatically uses the
> cryptoapi code if no crypt-hardware is present...

No,  I would never remove the klips cryptoapi support.  It needs some
cleanups and extra functionality added,  but IMO it must stay.

> > Does the order of loading matter for klips? I don't think so, and I believe you
> > can load/unload any OCF driver while the SA keeps running?
> Oh that would be very cool.


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