[Openswan dev] GIT Repository / Working sources for klips with 2.6.28

Carsten Schlote c.schlote at konzeptpark.de
Wed Feb 4 11:05:13 EST 2009

Hi Paul,

> It mentions something about 2.6.28??

Not explicitly. It just described my compile problem. Meanwhile I found
the one broken line of code, which caused my compile breakage and some
wired error messages. So the KLIPS module is now compiling on Linux for x86 and powerpc arch. After fixing the remaining three
compile warnings I will checkout, if KLIPS is still working.

> > I tried to get current sources from the upstream GIT repository. It
> > completely outdated and inconsistent. Last commits happened march
> The git repository should be back online in a few days. Sorry it's
> down.

Maybe you should cleanup the repository anyway and remove outdated tags
and branches.


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