[Openswan dev] key_management

Michael Richardson mcr at xelerance.com
Thu Mar 13 14:58:07 EDT 2008

    >> Sory if it's the wrong place to post, i'm kind of newbie!  I'm
    >> trying to make some configurable mechanism of extracting 128/256
    >> bit key used for encryption/decryption. Some kind of key of the
    >> key.  I studied the sources (maybe not for too long) but can
    >> someone help me saying which file makes the extraction operation
    >> of the 128/256 key (from the big key) to speed up my work.
    >> Thanks.

  The code which derivates the session keys from the SKEYSEED is in
ikev2_crypto.c and ikev1_quick.c.  That derivation is specified in the
standard.  You can get it logged with --debug-private.
  Perhaps you could tell us what you are working on.

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