[Openswan dev] "pass == 2" is always false

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Fri Jul 18 19:18:28 EDT 2008

I noticed that in openswan-2.6.15dr2/programs/pluto/state.c, function 
same_phase1_no_phase2, line 661, there is a test "pass == 2" that has 
never succeeded.  I wonder what would happen if the test were changed to 
one that did succeed during the second pass (pass == 1).  I have no idea 
if the code that has never executed has bugs that would thus be exposed.

    if(pass == 2) return FALSE;

I have no idea if this has since been eliminated.


This is like the code that Paul found in foreach_states_by_connection_func
(an ungrammatical name):

                if(pass == 2 && IS_ISAKMP_SA_ESTABLISHED(this->st_state)) {

The correct fix for the case that Paul found is NOT a simple change to
"pass == 1".  The probably intention is something like this:

	if (pass == 1 || can_have_no_children(this)) {
		... the rest of the loop body ...
The intention is that we delete parents AFTER their children.  This
is to avoid deleting the keying channel before the children that
should send a delete notification down the keying channel.  One
implicit assumption is that family trees are at most 2 high, hence the
2 passes.

The test IS_ISAKMP_SA_ESTABLISHED is like !can_have_no_children but it
fails to handle IKEv2 states properly.

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