[Openswan dev] [RFC 4301] PFP Support and Kernel SAD Selectors

Herbert Xu herbert at gondor.apana.org.au
Wed Jan 9 17:45:21 EST 2008

Michael Richardson <mcr at xelerance.com> wrote:
>  PFP = Populate From Packet.
>  The way to do this is to have the kernel send a copy of the header
> that caused the ACQUIRE along with the acquire, and then to latch the
> connection into a %hold.

Linux already copies all the packet headers into the SA selector that's
part of the ACQUIRE message.

>  netkey doesn't do %hold right now, which is a serious concern if you
> are going to have any kind of dynamic SAs.

We don't queue the packets but we do create a larval SA which is not
that different from KLIPS which IIRC just drops the packets in %hold

What is missing is the code in pluto to create a wider larval SA in
response to the ACQUIRE message.  Without this the same connection
can end up triggering multiple ACQUIRE messages, once for each flow.

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