[Openswan dev] Can't build openswan 2.5.16 using NETKEY on linux-2.6.16

Lin Mac mkl23 at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 22 15:15:12 EST 2008

Hi Paul,
> > Both if_link.h and if_addr.h only exist in 2.6.19 and above. And neighbour.h
> > is moved from include/net/ to include/linux after 2.6.19.
> Yes, updating the linux include files in programs/pluto/linux26 caused
> that. A proper fix will be to take only what we really need from those
> include files and build our own (or require kernel headers/source to be
> installed). I'll probably do a new release in a day or two that addresses
> this issue.
> A quick fix to pick up the linux26 directory from the previous version.
It works for me by comment the first two, and use the neighbour.h in include/net. Seems not necessary, but not tested yet.

> > BTW, the NAT-T patch with make nattpatch patches the .svn files?
> > 	openswan-2.5.16 # make nattpatch
> Hmm, we have never used svn for openswan. I'll have to look into that.
> We hope to obsolete the natt patch soon.
The fault is mine, I did use svn at my local site. 
and the script packaging/utils/nattpatch:
        find nat-t -type f -print | grep -v CVS | egrep -v 'linux/Makefile' | sort
would included the .svn file.....

Best Regards,
Mac Lin
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