[Openswan dev] Patch building openswan without xlmto

Gilles Espinasse g.esp at free.fr
Sun Dec 21 05:51:16 EST 2008

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Subject: Patch building openswan without xlmto

> I have achieved fast and somewhat very dirty changes to compile
> openswan-2.6.20dr2 without xmlto. One part is clean and others are
> dirty.
> Could cleaned changes be accepted?
Not beautiful, just work with minimal documentation how to use it.

In fact, there is one caveat, the one stage documented instruction 'make
programs install' does not work actually.

A two stages usual instructions set work 'make programs && 'make programs
install' work

I don't know if it is related to my changes.

So to be true, the real instruction to build without xmlto requirement
should be
SUBDIRS="lib programs testing" make programs
SUBDIRS="lib programs testing" make programs  install

I haven't tested building the package with my changes and building xml .doc
install_file_list target will produce a list in a different order than
before the change.

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