[Openswan dev] bug report (auto=add &auto=start)

Alex linux at vfemail.net
Tue Jun 19 11:42:38 EDT 2007

Hi Paul,

> Interesting. The return code should not be non-zero, since your logs below
> show that absolutely nothing went wrong. It is probably non-zero,
> because the ipsec auto command returns before knowing if the connection
> succeeded, because of the default --asynchronous flag. It does a "fire
> and forget".
> Michael: Should we change auto to return 0 for this? Or change _plutorun
> to not care about the return code?
> > Also, if i add on my left router, in my ipsec.conf:
> > config setup
> >     plutowait=yes
> > and keep the rest intact, the message dissapear from my syslog:
> Yes, so then it can return a proper return code, since the connection comes
> up and it returns 0 for success.
> > So, a quick fixto this problem is to add to /etc/ipsec.conf:
> > config setup
> >     plutowait=yes
> > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> This is the wrong fix, because of you have dozens or hunderds of tunnels
> you will now start them up one after the other, instead of parallel.

I said "quick fix".... :-) Anyway, your hint is good to be known!

Let's wait Michael reply to see what he said about this bug ...


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