[Openswan dev] DPD issue with multiple tunnels between two peers

Mark-Andre Hopf mhopf at innominate.com
Fri Jun 15 07:53:53 EDT 2007

On Thu 14.06. 17:27, Michael Richardson wrote:
> >>>>> "Mark-Andre" == Mark-Andre Hopf <mhopf at innominate.com> writes:

>     Mark-Andre> I know that DPD is supposed to be broken under certain
>     Mark-Andre> conditions, especially when working with more than one
>     Mark-Andre> connection between two peers.
>   Not in 2.5.xx

Ah! I see (pause) not. I've read the git logs and a diff to 2.4.8 but failed to
see how the issue (the restart_by_peers and the one I reported) was solved.
I would be glad if you could give a little hint so that I can gain some
enlightment. ;)
>     Mark-Andre> Some trouble can can be avoided by using
>   Some... that code was very problematic.

Was the 'restart_by_peer' option problemtatic or developing a fix? I see
that the 2.5 tree provides only the 'restart' option.


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