[Openswan dev] DPD issue with multiple tunnels between two peers

Mark-Andre Hopf mhopf at innominate.com
Fri Jul 6 09:17:50 EDT 2007

On Fri 06.07. 08:56, Michael Richardson wrote:

>     Mark-Andre> Was the 'restart_by_peer' option problemtatic or
>     Mark-Andre> developing a fix? I see 
>   I don't know what a "restart_by_peer" option is.

Oh, sorry. I just saw that 'restart_by_peer' was part of the OCF patch


(What had a feature like that to do in the OCF patch...?)

 It causes Openswan do restart all connections to the same peer in case
DPD becomes active. Without it, only the connection owning the active
ISAKMP SA is restarted while the others remain dead until the keys


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