[Openswan dev] Pluto crashes with preshared key, responders enabled pfs using 2.4.7

Michael Richardson mcr at xelerance.com
Mon Jan 15 14:49:02 EST 2007

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>>>>> "Matthias" == Matthias Haas <mh at pompase.net> writes:
    Matthias> Hello, I recently stumbled about a pluto crash while
    Matthias> playing around with different configurations. I currently
    Matthias> use openswan-2.4.7 at kernel

    Matthias> The crash seems to affect the responder to a preshared key
    Matthias> connection, where just the responder has pfs activated. As
    Matthias> soon as the client tries ti setup phase 2 the responder
    Matthias> crashes. The initiator is not hit by this crash. At the
    Matthias> moment I do not have the time to check whether this also
    Matthias> affects non psk connection.
  Do you have nhelpers=0?

    Matthias> It stumbles about a not or still not initialized
    Matthias> connection pointer in the assertion call demux.c 2414 as
    Matthias> result is STF_INLINE. As STF_INLINE seems to be valid here
    Matthias> I think the assertion should also be true for this
    Matthias> result. Therefore I applied the following patch:

  I agree that the patch should be correct.
    Matthias> This patch fixed the crash. Atleast it works for me
    Matthias> :-)). I do not know whether this is the right way to get
    Matthias> rid of the crash. So please have a closer look at it.

  Is this perfectly reproduceable?
  If so, can you share the entire configuration with Paul?

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