[Openswan dev] OpenSwan 2.6.10-1 on OpenWrt 7.09 consistently hangs on large HTTP file transfer

starlight at binnacle.cx starlight at binnacle.cx
Thu Dec 6 20:06:46 EST 2007

At 07:02 PM 12/6/2007 -0500, Michael Richardson wrote:
>  Most people rekey sooner based upon time.

Quite a cavalier way to put it.  Most people?  Like whom?  How may 
people do multi-gigabyte file transfers that take a day or more 
and then find it blows up in their face?

In my book software that fails catastrophically due to something 
that might be avoided *if* you just happen to know about a 
highly obscure and esoteric parameter and go to the trouble to 
tweak it, well that software


B  U  G

Call it a defect if it makes you happy.

I just spent a week screwing around figuring this out.  It has 
been causing trouble for almost a year.  It surely will affect 
x86 platforms as well as the embedded ones.  Considering how 
hard it is to reproduce and how much trouble it will cause your 
commercial customers when they hit this, the least you can do is


Or do you expect all the users of your software to endure
the same painful experiences over and over again?  Especially
the painful experiences that waste days and weeks of their time?

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