[Openswan dev] OpenSwan 2.6.10-1 on OpenWrt 7.09 consistently hangs on large HTTP file transfer

starlight at binnacle.cx starlight at binnacle.cx
Sun Dec 2 19:47:02 EST 2007

At 04:39 PM 12/2/2007 -0500, Michael Richardson wrote:
>  Also look at "ipsec spi" output.

Ok, here's the logging line I'm running on the

   while true; do
     echo; echo; date; echo
     ipsec spi; echo
     cat /proc/slabinfo; echo
     cat /proc/meminfo
     sleep 60

The output is written to a file on a regular Linux system via

   ssh -l root router 2>&1 | tee router_log

When it blows up I'll extract the interesting
portion of the log and post it.

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