[Openswan dev] [PATCH 0/2] ESP_NULL support for openswan-2.4.6

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ottawa.on.ca
Mon Oct 2 12:50:52 EDT 2006

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>>>>> "JuanJo" == JuanJo Ciarlante <jjo-ipsec at mendoza.gov.ar> writes:
    >> I can understand this... I will accept your patches, if you'll
    >> write the test cases for them.

    JuanJo> ughh... I miss that good'ol'times of nonQA devel :-S

    JuanJo> I'll dig into testing/ and learn... the path starts there
    JuanJo> and under docs/HACKING, right?  (tips&tricks for the task
    JuanJo> pretty welcome ;)

  cp testing/utils/umlsetup-sample.sh umlsetup.sh
  vi umlsetup.sh		      <- get various pieces,
				      mostly a kernel tree, and a
				      basicroot, pick UMLPOOL location.
  make uml
  MYBOX=`pwd` export MYBOX
  . ./umlsetup.sh
  xterm -n EAST -e $UMLPOOL/east/start.sh single &
  xterm -n WEST -e $UMLPOOL/west/start.sh single &

  (or see http://www.sandelman.ca/tmp/startuml.sh )

  login as root/root on each.
  east# cd /testing/pluto/basic-pluto-01
  east# source eastinit.sh

  west# cd /testing/pluto/basic-pluto-01
  west# source westinit.sh
  west# source westrun.sh

  Once that works, then you can run the tests manually:
       cd testing/pluto/basic-pluto-01

  You'll want to look at the KLIPS tests, which only use one UML.

  The patches to pluto to permit it to recognize "NULL" algorithm should
be okay.  The problem is that I don't think we want to ship a kernel or
a UML default config that has ESP-NULL present.
  So, I think that it has to be a modular load in the test case itself.
I know that we didn't really care if we got all of the modular module
loading working in 2.x, since we expected to use cryptoapi.

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