[Openswan dev] Openswan + OCF how to build it?

Kabir Ahsan-r9aahw Ahsan.Kabir at freescale.com
Thu Nov 2 12:28:10 EST 2006

Hi All
I am trying to build openswan KLIPS with OCF support. I have visited the
openswan website and the OCF website. 
For openswan I retrieved this tarball:
For ocf I have retrieved these :
I am bit confiused about as to which patches to apply. 
*Do I need to patch my openswan distribution first with
ocf-openswan-v245rc6-20060331.diff.gz to provide support for ocf in
*And after that do I need run apply_patch from openswan directory to
patch my kernel, which will add KLIPS+OCF support into the kernel?
*Finally I apply the ocf-linux-26-20060331.patch.gz patch in my kernel
to add OCF support in my kernel?
I have also found git repository at this location :
http://git.openswan.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=klips;a=summary. Looks like
this repository has the openswan patch (which provides OCF support into
KLIPS). If I work with this tree then I believe I need to apply only
ocf-linux-26-20060331.patch.gz patch, right?
Last thing is that ocf-openswan-v245rc6-20060331.diff.gz needs to
applied on openswan-2.4.5-rc6? Can it be applied to openswan-2.4.6?
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