[Openswan dev] Openswan 3.xx release roadmap

Michael Richardson mcr at xelerance.com
Wed Nov 1 16:05:16 EST 2006

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A 2.4.7 release is in preperation, and may be released by the time you
read this. It is in maintenance mode.

A 2.5.00 release was made on November 1. It is to be considered to be
in a testing mode, and we expect to release a stable 2.5.01 prior to
December 1.   We expect to continue to release 2.5.xx code for
approximately 6-8 months.  Due to the ease which we can move code from
branch to branch (cherry-pick and merging) using cogito/git, anticipate
that userland bug fixes will be done in the 2.5.00 releases, and
propogated to the 3.xx tree.  

In general, if you report a userland bug with 3.xx, we will likely
always ask: "does this occur with 2.5?"

Starting November 1, we will start doing 3.0.xx releases, possibly
as often as weekly.  They are all to be considered unstable.

Sometime prior to February 1, we will release a 3.1.0 as a testing
release, to be followed by a stable release of 3.1.1 within a month.

The 3.1.xx releases will contain KLIPS code that is largely similar in
nature to that found in the 2.xx series, except that it will be possible
to enable the OCF system, and do algorithm offload to hardware
(VIA Padlock is considered hardware, via the cryptoapi).

We expect to release further 3.0.xx releases after 3.1.xx comes out,
containing new experimental code.

Sometime prior to March 1, we will release a 3.2.0 as a testing release.
It will contain refactored KLIPS code that supports packet-level
offload, and makes use of the NETKEY code as a packet-levle offload.

We will continue to do 3.1.xx releases to fix bugs until such time as we
are satisified with 3.2.xx, at which point that branch will be obsolete.
We expect the userland of 3.1 and 3.2 to be virtually identical,
differing only in the kernel code.

Michael Richardson
Xelerance, VP R&D.

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