[Openswan dev] ipsec_xmit_esp_setup(), which code calls it

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Wed Feb 1 15:39:41 CET 2006

Jivin iler_ml at fastmail.fm lays it down ...
> I asked this on thhe OpenSwan-users list, but got no answer.
> I am researching the source of klips, and I cannot find which
> function calls ipsec_xmit_esp_setup(). Address of ipsec_xmit_esp_setup()
> is registered as member 'xmit_setup'. But there are no calls
> through xmit_setup. Can anyone give me a hint which functions
> calls ipsec_xmit_esp_setup ?

IIRC there is some code in there that is not called/used at the moment,
looks like some unfinished cleaning up.


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