[Openswan dev] MODECFG/IKECFG/MODE CONFIG openswan server and third party clients

Michael Richardson mcr at xelerance.com
Wed Dec 6 22:07:17 EST 2006

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> The draft-dukes-ike-mode-cfg-02 specifies that a mode config
> transaction takes place "once the ISAKMP security association has been
> established" and "the derivation of the initialization vector IV for
> the first message, used with SKEYID_e to encrypt the message" is
> described in Appendix B of RFC2049. However it's still not clear
> whether the IV vector should be generated as for Phase1 or Phase2, as
> the mode config exchange takes place between the two. Openswan decides
> to use Phase1 initialization vector IV, SoftRemote uses Phase2
> initialization vector IV, which is the cause of confusion and cause
> "malformed packet" messages in SoftRemote logs, when openswan attempts
> to send MODECFG SET packets. 

You can't use the phase 2 IV because there is no phase 2 yet.

You never use a phase 2 IV to initialize a new exchange (indicated by
a new messageid). That just doesn't make sense. It sounds like
SoftRemote has never been to a bakeoff.

I'll bet the client can't rekey properly.

SoftRemote has clearly confused themselves, because they have decided to
start the phase 2 negotiation even though the phase 1.5 (the modecfg)
is not yet finished. This is clear from your next part:

> When the initialization vector issue was fixed, SoftRemote started to
> parse modeconfig packets properly. But the latter conversation was
> still failing - because of silent abandoning the already initiated
> IPsec SA conversation by SoftRemote (after the virtual interface with
> the new IP address was up). SoftRemote attempted to start a new IPsec
> SA conversation, what wasn't properly handled on the server side. 

Nor should it be.
You can't propose a proper phase 2 until you know what IP address the
client should propose. You can't do that until the modecfg is over.

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