[Openswan dev] Compile problems with -Wshadow

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ottawa.on.ca
Thu Apr 27 10:17:31 CEST 2006

-*- emacs-wiki -*-

1. install the software. git and cogito.
   Update each of them by grabbing the latest from the git trees for git and cogito.
   On Xelerance machines, you should edit the Makefile to set
   prefix=/xelerance rather than $HOME.

2. From public repository
        cd /some/place
        cg-clone http://git.openswan.org/public/scm/openswan.git/.git
        (no commits. send patches, or PostToYourOwnGitTree)

   From private repository
        cd /some/place
        cg-clone git+ssh://vault.xelerance.com/xelerance/MASTER/git-master/openswan.git/

-*- emacs-wiki -*-

You need a machine on a public IP that can run either anonymous rsync (somewhat
deprecated) or http. 

It's better if you have a machine on which you can ssh into and on which you
can install git, or at least git-init and git-unpack-objects. 

If you don't have that, but can FTP mirror to it, or rsync to it (perhaps
over SSH), then you can make it work. Just pretend your local machine is the
remote machine, make a new directory, and arrange to push that directory to
your web server.

So, you start by doing this on your laptop/desktop:
     cd /someplace
     cg-clone http://git.openswan.org/public/scm/openswan.git/

This creates a directory openswan.git, and sets up the "origin" branch to
point to the above url. To do the equivalent of "cvs update", you run
"git pull" (or cg-fetch).

Next, you login to your web server, and do:
     ssh mywebserver
     cd /var/www
     mkdir -p scm/openswan.git
     cd scm/openswan.git
     git init

On your laptop you can now do:
     cd /someplace/openswan.git
     cg-branch-add public git+ssh://mywebserver/var/www/scm/openswan.git
     cg-push public
     (it should copy everything to your web server)

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