[Openswan dev] VPN policie and Protocol selector

david david2005.p at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 12:37:43 CEST 2005

> >>>>> "david" == david  <david2005.p at gmail.com> writes:
>    david> when I make right(and left)protoport:icmp,only this protocol
>    david> can be use to reach the other end of the VPN.  All other
>    david> protocols are discarded.
>    >> Write a policy of "type=passthrough" for the other protocols.
>    david> Would this type of policy enable me to not discard the other
>    david> protocols but also to let them pass outside of the VPN ?
>  Yes.
>  if you don't discard them, then they will be forwarded in the clear.

thx michael

This is exactly what I want to do.

But I don't know how to write this policy and where (in ipsec.conf ?)
Could you give me an example or an URL where I can find It ?



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