[Openswan dev] UML testing of openswan-2.4.2dr1

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Fri Oct 14 10:32:10 CEST 2005

Jivin Michael Richardson lays it down ...
> We have transitioned to doing nightly UML testing with 2.6.12-ish.
> The last 2.4 kernels that underwent UML testing was 2.4.27, so the new
> messages from 2.4.31 shouldn't be too surprising.

I can deal with those easy enough,  do you want patches ?

> The other problem is that tcpdump has changed a bunch. (You'd think I'd
> be able to whack that more in line). HEAD has tcpdump 3.9.x branch
> changes. You may be better of for now with 3.8.

I switched to OpenSwan HEAD and things look better,  some of the tests
still have 3.8 output,  some have 3.9,  I have added a 3.9 tcpdump santitizer
for old scripts (much like the 3.8 version).  Again, should I send in patches ?

> Sorry for the confusion.

Thats ok,  I am just trying to find the correct combo of bits so I can
have confidence in the testing,  and then in the tested code :-)

I am currently using:

	CVS HEAD for OpenSwan
	debian testing (tcpdump 3.9.3)

I primarily want to check that the async state machine hasn't broken klips
in any way.  If I switch to 2.6.12 will that possibly get more of tests
passing ?  Are you interested in keeping 2.4 up to date ?  I can start
dumping patches on you for bit and pieces as I go if that suits,


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