[Openswan dev] UML testing of openswan-2.4.2dr1

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Wed Oct 12 23:17:20 CEST 2005

On Wed, 12 Oct 2005, David McCullough wrote:

> I have just been setting up the OpenSwan UML testing so I can check that
> the OCF changes haven't broken anything.  I am using 2.4.2dr1 and linus'
> 2.4.31.  Now it is all setup and the east/west manual test works,  but

Excellent! Glad to see others using the UML test suite.
What are the "OCF changes"

> all of the "make check" tests are failing.  It seems fairly simple.  Kernel
> output/boot messages are different.  My tcpdump outputs more info for
> ESP packets as well.

The test output is for KLIPS, not NETKEY.

> So my question is basically should I be running 2.6 or some other
> kernel version.  Should I be using CVS (which branch) instead of the
> 2.4.2dr1 release ?

Probably best right now is to use the v2_4_x branch. That is the 'stable'
branch, where HEAD is the 'unstable' branch.

> Below are the two OUTPUT diffs for the east-icmp-01 test.  I am using tcpdump
> from debian testing:
> 	tcpdump version 3.9.3
> 	libpcap version 0.9.3
> Any pointers on how to best fixup my setup appreciated,  otherwise I can
> probably mod the sed scripts to fix most of these simple errors,

There is a 'sanitizer' script that removes all the 'changing bits' of the
output that you might want to use instead of your own sed/awk scripts.


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