[Openswan dev] RFC 3947/3948 support for Openswan 1.0.8

Mathieu Lafon mlafon at arkoon.net
Thu Jan 6 10:25:00 CET 2005

> Here is a small patch to enable the newly released RFC 3947 and 3948
> (NAT-Traversal) in Openswan 1.0.8. All the code was already here for
> months, the only missing values were the RFC number and the official
> IKE payload numbers (for NAT-D and NAT-OA).

> This is for openswan-1 but should be easy to adapt for openswan-2.

Do not apply the '#define FORCE_NAT_TRAVERSAL' line included in the
patch (nat_traversal.c). This is for debug only...

Mathieu Lafon - Arkoon Network Security

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