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>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Hardy <rhardy at webcon.ca> writes:
    Robert> I'm Delemas on #openswan. We were recently discussing the
    Robert> odd segfaults of pluto I had been seeing recently. Please
    Robert> find attached, as requested on #openswan, a debug log, a
    Robert> core file and a pluto binary.

    Robert> Pluto segfaulted and dumped core on Jan 31 at 16:27:42. I
    Robert> wasn't sure how much logging info you needed, so I've

  I examined the core dump.

  My impression is that a connection and/or state was deleted while it
was being processed for a cryptographic operation. 

  So, when the cryptographic operation completed, it tried to reference
the connection and state => died.
  The asynchronous crypto operations need to be tolerant of having the
rug pulled out from under them.

  I wrote some code to delete the continuation if the state gets
deleted. I'm not sure how I'll test it yet.  I will be putting this code
through regression testing on Sunday. 
  This patch is against 2.3.1dr2.

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