[Openswan dev] building with gcc 3.4

Robert Hardy rhardy at webcon.ca
Wed Sep 15 22:49:03 CEST 2004

On Wed, 15 Sep 2004, Michael Richardson wrote:
> The UMLs that we have been using are based upon 2.4.19.
> 2.4.19 is not compatible with gcc 3.4.
> The changes are simple -- just get rid of all of the multiline strings.
> However, I tried 2.4.26 with uml3 patch today, and it seemed to work
> okay. HEAD has been updated with new files for testing/kernelconfigs.
> This ought to work with 2.2.0 as well, if you get just those files.
> If you use 2.4.26, you may also need an updated linux/net/ipsec/addrtot.c
> It appears that in versions <2.4.19 of UML, it was possible to link
> accidentally to libc functions, even for modules to do so. Specifically
> strstr() appears not to be in the kernel. A version has been in the most
> recent addrtot.c.
> We have been testing klips26 in HEAD.
> Using a UML based upon 2.6.6, it works for kernel things with 2.6.6,
> but there is a UML bug that runs things out of file descriptors, so it
> is hard to test the pluto items. I have seen some successes though.
> Using a UML based upon 2.6.7, we get crashes (even without klips loaded).
> There may be compile problems against
> Reports of problems against 2.6.6 are appreciated, as they can be
> reproduced.

We found 2.6.6 and 2.6.7 were problematic from an IPSec perspective...

We are currently using but need three patches. One to add
TTL & IPSec policy support and the other two to fix bugs:

YMMV. We currently use w/ Openswan 2.2.0dr4 (or later) tools.
We are using gcc-3.4.1.


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