[Openswan dev] Bind Pluto to *:500 / *:4500

Gabe jax at student.ethz.ch
Sun Nov 28 13:36:26 CET 2004


Is it possible to bind pluto to *:4500 & *:500 instead of it binding
to the current ip? The problem is, when you have a dynamic ip
on an openswan box connected directly to the i-net, and the ISP
hands out dynamic IPs, openswan won't respond anymore to incoming
requests after the ip has changed. This is because Pluto binds to the
current ppp0 IP and not to / 4500.

If possible, i'd like it to act like SSHD does.. if you do a netstat -a when SSHD
is running, you'll most likely note that you see *:22 and not my_outside_ip:22
Would the same be possible for pluto/openswan? Because otherwise,
I don't see a way to run a Roadwarrior scenario with a dynamic IP on the
company openswan box..

Many snowy greetings from Switzerland and thanks in advance for your time!


Gabe Jackson
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