[Openswan dev] two patches for CVS HEAD

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ottawa.on.ca
Wed Nov 10 21:45:27 CET 2004


>>>>> "Henrik" == Henrik Nordstrom <hno at marasystems.com> writes:
    Henrik> On Wed, 27 Oct 2004 mcr at xelerance.com wrote:

    >> Did you need to anything special to make valgrind work for you?

    Henrik> You should not need to do more than being able to run the
    Henrik> application you want to test manually from the command
    Henrik> line.. then just insert valgrind --tool=memcheck before the
    Henrik> command you want to test and watch the reports :-]

  okay... any experience how well it works under User-Mode-Linux?
  Specifically... performance.

    Henrik> If the stdout/stderr of the command must not be disturbed by
    Henrik> the valgrind output you need some additional options to tell
    Henrik> valgrind where to send it's messages, but usually this is
    Henrik> not needed.

  We capture stderr in the testbench already.

  We will eventually run "valgrind pluto" for all 170 test cases.

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