[Openswan dev] Freeswan-1.99 patch: SHA first, interop with interop note broken Checkpoint VPN-1

matt-openswan-dev at kindjal.net matt-openswan-dev at kindjal.net
Tue May 11 16:21:27 CEST 2004


Can do.  I'll make a log, sanitize it, and post it here.


On Wed, 12 May 2004, Paul Wouters wrote:

> Is it possible for you to send us a log of the entire conversation,
> including full vendor id's? Perhaps we can then identify the case of
> broken Checkpoint VPN-1 products and for instance not offer md5 to them
> at all.
> I did try your patch against one of my production customer boxes that
> have a broken VPN interop between Cehckpoint and our Openswan-1 machine,
> but it did not resolve my problem. (IPsec SA gets established, but the
> Checkpoint then eats up all ESP and never sends me anything).
> Thanks for the information though. We will put it in our interop notes.
> Paul 

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