[Openswan dev] 2.1.0rc1 and nat-t patch

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ottawa.on.ca
Fri Mar 12 10:00:54 CET 2004


>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Wouters <paul at xelerance.com> writes:
    gary> After briefly browse through the Makefile, I add the 'make
    gary> nattpatch ...' under applypatch and now the nat-t patch goes
    gary> in.
    gary> Have I overlooked something in the documentation or is this
    gary> the right way to do it ?
    >> It is the right way.  If we included it in the basic kernel
    >> patch, then it would fail on any system/distro that had included
    >> the udp.c patch.
    >> The documentation needs work.

    Paul> Perhaps Âmake module' could end with a warning about this? eg

    Paul> "For NAT-T support, rebuilding the kernel is neccessary after
    Paul> patching it for nat-t support using 'make nattpatch'"

 Sure go ahead.

    Paul> Though we should make this conditional over detecting nat-t in
    Paul> the current kernel build, which we should know since we just
    Paul> compiled a module against it.

  no, we just compiled a module against some header files.
  there is no guarantee that the patch is in the kernel that we are
loaded into!

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