[Openswan dev] Removal of #ifdef X509 code completed

Andreas Steffen andreas.steffen at strongsec.net
Sun Mar 7 12:20:46 CET 2004

Thanks Ken!

Actually I don't understand why you need the #ifdef X509_FETCH
statements at all. If crlcheckinterval is set to 0 seconds
(which is the default setting) then no threads are started,
so there will be no concurrent processing. Just a couple of mutexes
are in place which should do no harm.



Ken Bantoft wrote:
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> I've comitted changes in CVS to remove the #ifdef X509 code.
> #ifdef X509_FETCH is still in place at the moment, as it uses threads, and 
> there is some belief that other parts of Openswan are not currently 
> thread-safe.  Hopefully we can get this resolved shortly.
> Note: I haven't fully tested it, but the regression tests will let me know 
> Sunday morning if I missed anything.
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