[Openswan dev] Re: [Openswan Users] Hardware encryption support - VIA PadLock?

Nate Carlson natecars at natecarlson.com
Tue Jun 22 00:48:17 CEST 2004

On Tue, 22 Jun 2004, Michael Richardson wrote:
> If cryptoapi is built in, then the additional algorithms should just be
> available to the algo code. I don't know what their names will be.

[Moved to the dev list]

Taking a look at the HEAD code, it looks like ipsec_alg_aes.c is built by 
default, but ipsec_alg_cryptoapi.c is not.

Added the following to linux/net/ipsec/Makefile:

obj-$(CONFIG_IPSEC_ENC_CRYPTOAPI) += ipsec_alg_cryptoapi.o

added the following to defconfig:


modified reference to freeswan/ipsec_alg.h in ipsec_alg_cryptoapi.c to 
openswan/ipsec_alg.h, and try to build ipsec.o. get the following:

ld  -r ipsec_init.o ipsec_sa.o ipsec_radij.o radij.o ipsec_life.o ipsec_proc.o ipsec_tunnel.o ipsec_xmit.o ipsec_rcv.o ipsec_ipip.o sysctl_net_ipsec.o  pfkey_v2.o pfkey_v2_parser.o pfkey_v2_ext_process.o version.o ipsec_ah.o ipsec_esp.o ipsec_ipcomp.o ipsec_alg.o  ipsec_alg_aes.o ipsec_alg_cryptoapi.o cbc_enc.o ecb_enc.o set_key.o dx86unix.o satot.o addrtot.o ultot.o  addrtypeof.o anyaddr.o initaddr.o ultoa.o  addrtoa.o  subnettoa.o  subnetof.o  goodmask.o  datatot.o  rangetoa.o  prng.o  pfkey_v2_parse.o  pfkey_v2_build.o  pfkey_v2_debug.o pfkey_v2_ext_bits.o  ipcomp.o  aes.o aes_cbc.o aes_xcbc_mac.o adler32.o deflate.o infblock.o infcodes.o inffast.o inflate.o inftrees.o infutil.o trees.o zutil.o ipsec_md5c.o ipsec_sha1.o -o ipsec.o
ipsec_alg_cryptoapi.o(.modinfo+0x40): multiple definition of `__module_author'
ipsec_alg_aes.o(.modinfo+0x40): first defined here
ipsec_alg_cryptoapi.o(.modinfo+0x73): multiple definition of `__module_parm_debug'
ipsec_alg_aes.o(.modinfo+0x73): first defined here
ipsec_alg_cryptoapi.o(.modinfo+0x80): multiple definition of `__module_parm_test'
ipsec_alg_aes.o(.modinfo+0x80): first defined here
ipsec_alg_cryptoapi.o(.modinfo+0x8c): multiple definition of `__module_parm_excl'
ipsec_alg_aes.o(.modinfo+0x8c): first defined here
ipsec_alg_cryptoapi.o(.text+0x5b0): In function `init_module':
: multiple definition of `init_module'
ipsec_init.o(.text+0x1c0): first defined here
ld: Warning: size of symbol `init_module' changed from 6 in ipsec_init.o to 65 in ipsec_alg_cryptoapi.o
ipsec_alg_cryptoapi.o(.text+0x600): In function `cleanup_module':
: multiple definition of `cleanup_module'
ipsec_init.o(.text+0x1d0): first defined here
ld: Warning: size of symbol `cleanup_module' changed from 62 in ipsec_init.o to 17 in ipsec_alg_cryptoapi.o
make[3]: *** [ipsec.o] Error 1

If anyone has any ideas (or if I'm going about things in the wrong way), 
I'd appreciate it!

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