[Openswan dev] New/final steps to build KLIPS on 2.6

pw at linuxops.net pw at linuxops.net
Wed Jul 7 11:04:59 CEST 2004


Quoting Michael Richardson <mcr at sandelman.ottawa.on.ca>:
>   I spent 9 months cleaning thins kind of stuff out of FreeS/WAN 1.xx.
>   This is entirely the wrong way to go.

Suggest a better way, I'm sure there are plenty.

>     pw> into an UDPinUDP packet. Too bad ipsec_rcv skips the packet as
>     pw> there are some 
>   What are UDPinUDP packets?

ESPinUDP, or whatever they're called. You know, that ugly stuff which comes in
at UDP port 4500, and which gets blindly passed on to the kernel's ESP handling
code to be handled?
>   NAT-T works just fine right now. So I don't what you are trying to
> accomplish. 

Maybe you should reread the email thread on this subject.

Oh well, the discussion is moot anyway. I gave up trying to get NAT-T packets
handled properly by KLIPS for 2.6, and comments such a these are not very
encouraging either. If, like you imply, NAT-T was already working for KLIPS
under 2.6, fine, good luck with it, it doesn't for me, nor do I need it in the
firsplace. Basically, I'm trying to scratch someone else's itch and luckily I
have a lot of better things to do.


Ferdinand O. Tempel

-- back to lurking, giving up on OSS development

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