[Openswan dev] IPComp

Dominique Blas ml at blas.net
Fri Jul 2 15:26:56 CEST 2004

Le vendredi 2 Juillet 2004 14:12, Paul Wouters a écrit :
> On Fri, 2 Jul 2004, Dominique Blas wrote:
> > Thank you aul, but I think was not enough precise in my mail. I apologize. The messages about lack of memory come from the Openswan 2.2.20dr1 NOT from the
> > SFS side. 
> > These messages don't appear when using compression (but return packets [ SFS -> O2 direction] are then limited to 348 bytes and fragmentation is not triggered).
> You can make 'ipesc barf' files of both runs on the openswan side and most
> them somewhere?
Yes, but not before tonight since the machine runs now.
I can send them by mail to you (xelerance.com) ?

> Paul

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